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World Series of Beer Pong 2009 | Win $50,000 in Vegas Tournament

World Series of Beer Pong is here!

The Beer Pong World Series is back!!!

The fourth annual World Series of Beer Pong tournament, a mainstream drinking game will be held at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino on January 1-5, 2009.  The last beer pong tournament had 600 participants from 39 U.S. States and 3 Canadian Provinces, offering the largest payout in beer pong history of $50,000. The World Series of Beer Pong is the largest, longest-running organized beer pong (aka Beirut) tournament in the world, created by beer pong players, for beer pong players.

Just don’t ask them to recite the alphabet backwards when it’s all over. The game has come a long way from its wobbly roots in beer-soaked fraternity house basements, but the rules haven’t wavered much.

Beer pong involves two teams that face-off from opposite ends of a long table. Competitors arrange 10 plastic cups in a triangle on each end of the table, then take turns attempting to lob ping pong balls into other team’s cups. The first team to successfully land balls in each of the other team’s cups wins.

Games are played on 8-foot Official Beer Pong Tables, and WSOBP Rules regulate all gameplay. All players must sign up before December 5, 2008. No late sign-ups will be accepted.  The tournament is open to anyone, male or female, ages 21 or older. Interested teams are invited to register online by Dec. 5.  Registration costs start at $1,000 per team, including four nights accommodation at the Flamingo. For more information, please visit

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  3. Bob says:

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