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Test Your Beer Pong Skills

The Bayou in Manayunk wants to see if you have what it takes to win By KATHARINE GRAY Starting on Thursday, Nov. 12, see if you have the skills

11.10.2009 | college |

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Drop in the Cup: Associate Leaves Am Law for Beer Pong

 Posted by Brian Baxter at AM Law Daily Thursday's pre-St. Valentine's Day Massacre in the big firm market likely has many Am Law associates pondering a new career.   Meet William "Billy" Gaines II, a former intellectual property associate who gave up practicing law on December 31 to pursu

02.16.2009 | Uncategorized |

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Michael Phelps Lost Thousands Playing Beer Pong on Bong Night

Posted by Shane Bacon    Michael Phelps, on the night he got caught with a bong at a South Carolina fraternity party, had lost upward of $2,000 playing beer pong. Trust me, it's hard to make it in those cups when you can't quit laughing. "I saw Phelps pull out a roll, a bank-wrapped $2,

02.15.2009 | Uncategorized |

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Bottoms up! Beer pong world champions net $50,000 at the Flamingo

By Robin Leach World Series of Beer Pong. Photo: Erik Kabik/Retna/   Who knew that a four-day tournament of tossing a little white ping-pong ball into a plastic beer container would draw more than 800 fierce competitors from 40 states and three overseas countries

01.6.2009 | Uncategorized |

World Series of Beer Pong 2009 | Win $50,000 in Vegas Tournament

World Series of Beer Pong 2009 | Win $50,000 in Vegas Tournament

[caption id="attachment_84" align="alignright" width="300" caption="The Beer Pong World Series is back!!!"][/caption] The fourth annual World Series of Beer Pong tournament, a mainstream drinking game will be held at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino on January 1-5, 2009.  The last beer po

12.2.2008 | college, games, rule variations, tournaments, world series of beer pong |


The Eight Things to Check Before Any Beer Pong Game

Written by Dr. Manhattan at College OTR 1) The Beer – What are you drinking? Make sure that it’s cheap, but not too cheap, and that you don't accidentally grab a nearby cup filled with whiskey (a pleasant surprise) or a cigarette (even better). 2) The Cups – Make sure they’re filled hi

11.15.2008 | beer pong, college, games, rule variations, tips |

Beer Pong vs. Beirut: And the verdict is… no one really cares!

Beer Pong vs. Beirut: And the verdict is… no one really cares!

By Ben Prawer It’s your last shot. You make eye contact with your opponents, and feel your palms starting to sweat as you lock your elbow and aim. The ball seems to move in slow motion as it glides through the stale air of some off-campus basement, finally descending effortlessly into the las

11.11.2008 | college, games, strip beer pong |


Beer pong game coming to the iPhone

No, this isn't a joke. Publisher X has teamed up with - the founders of The World Series of Beer Pong - to launch a beer pong simulation game for the iPhone.  The game, which will be titled, "Beer Pong - BPONG 2009 Edition" will aim (ha) to recreate the beer pong experience for use

10.21.2008 | beer pong, games |


Beer pong pays

For 21 year-old Russell Meyerowitz, beer pong is more than just a drinking game he plays at parties. It's a career. Meyerowitz founded OnFIREbeerpong, Inc. in July 2007 to service a demographic in need - beer pong players in need of portable beer pong tables.  This past July, his company was acqu

10.16.2008 | beer pong, beer pong tables |


Beer pong is back in season at UMD

The University of Maryland pongs hard. Over 100 contestants showed up to compete in a World Series of Beer Pong qualifying tournament, sponsored by and held at Thirsty Turtle in College Park, MD. Eventual winners Sean Foster and Shawn O'Hare won an all expenses-paid trip to Las Veg

10.13.2008 | beer pong, college, tournaments |

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